Comment 84 for bug 491521

webkit is transparent because murrine clears the area, and webkit does
not initialize a background

2010/1/9 Michael Coupet <email address hidden>:
> I'm still having problems with pidgin, sonata, and liferea. Though the
> other problems are solved (except for flash, embedding gstreamer, and
> previously mentioned drawing problems). Webkit is broken, both epiphany
> and midori have broken see-through rendering when gtk widgets are
> present on the page ( displays terribly for example, while
> ubuntuforums works perfectly). Sonata is broken because it uses
> egg.trayicon over gtk.statusicon (though it implements both). Forcing it
> to use gtk.statusicon makes it work perfectly. And chromium still has
> flash issues too, but since it doesn't use gtk on web pages it doesn't
> have the problems epiphany or midori have, but it doesn't display the
> titlebar correctly when using gtk theme.
> Oh, and I'm liking the rgba, Cimitan. :D
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> Decorations and RGBA
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> Status in Ayatana Ubuntu Love Project: In Progress
> Status in GNOME Desktop Common Files: Unknown
> Status in GTK+ GUI Toolkit: Unknown
> Status in Nautilus: Unknown
> Status in “gnome-desktop” package in Ubuntu: Fix Released
> Status in “gnome-screensaver” package in Ubuntu: New
> Status in “gtk+2.0” package in Ubuntu: In Progress
> Status in “gtk-recordmydesktop” package in Ubuntu: Invalid
> Status in “libgksu” package in Ubuntu: Fix Released
> Status in “nautilus” package in Ubuntu: Fix Released
> Bug description:
> For Lucid, I'd like to get the new decorations feature integrated.  This patch adds support for doing client-side window decorations, which pulls in support for RGBA colormaps.
> The new decorations feature requires explicit support from a theme before it becomes active (it defaults to being disabled).  However, RGBA support is enabled by default and there is a chance for some fallout from this being added.
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