Comment 4 for bug 1307127

reynaerde (reynaerde) wrote :

I also have this problem on 14.04 and the current version of gThumb. Versions 3.2.6 and 3.2.5 are extremely slow as well. I tested those from here:

There is an upstream bug report ( which describes the problem for version 3.3.1. We could of course wait for it to be fixed and then replace gThumb with the most recent version.

However, version 3.3 also introduced a new user interface that from the looks of it is optimized for touchscreen users. It has a dark, custom theme and has hardly any functions when used outside Gnome 3. It is for this reason that gThumb was reverted to version 3.2.7 on Trusty and is no longer included in Xubuntu as the default program image organizer.

Would it be possible to wait for the bug to be fixed and then patch the version of gThumb currently in the Trusty repositories? I am sure a lot of Xfce users would appreciate gThumb but then with the traditional user interface.

If not, does anybody know how to get an older version of gThumb working on Trusty? I tried installing the version from Saucy which is very fast, but fails to load thumbnails properly on Trusty.