Comment 16 for bug 1307127

I have been experiencing this bug for months, and occasionally. My impression is that it is a "simple" issue: I believe that upon start gthumb must be trying to read or write files it has not access to (for instance the sd card of your camera you had inserted one week before and from which you had displayed images...) and does not give up. Maybe the bug is even shared with nautilus (or whatever is used in gnome for accessing files) (gthumb should not look at these files, and nautilus shoud say they are not accessible).
When I launch gthumb *.png I would like gthumb to access ONLY the files I have requested (and possibly---but it would be even preferable not to---, some LOCAL files .thumbnails/....png in the same directory...)
Right now it is right to say that this fantastic program is unusable and could be deleted...