Comment 68 for bug 441396

Voting isn't necessary, this bug has 10 duplicates (with 23 subscribers) and 49 direct subscribers. I think that is a lot for a little bug. The manpower issue is a endemic problem to the packaging in Linux.

Sebastien, the problem is not only with divx movies also affects other formats. The legality or illegality must decide a judge. In Spain a lot of people use subtitles for tv shows and the autoload of subtitles of totem is a very useful feature.

If you need numbers of users of divx/xvid/h264 codecs in ubuntu:
Installations of totem: 1162459 ( )
Installations of gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg: 907482 ( )

I think that the users expect more of a package supported by canonical.

.srt subtitles for "Elephants dream":

Thanks for your work :)