Comment 66 for bug 441396

Massimo Mund (qos) wrote :

Okay ... i've read the page you mentioned. now i realize what kind of responsibility everyone of you carries.
every package you publish is get by millions of different computers in the world, but that doesn't means that packages which are running fine on your computers do so at every other computer in the world. patches also can cause regessions.
its not that simple just to add a fix.
these fixes CAN cause more trouble than benefit.
everyone should now imaging that updates are applied in general automaticly. imaging what effect it could have to ubuntu if every patch would be added without a certain caution.
thats (and the fact that everyone of you also has a private live) is in this case the reason for the delay.

the other side is ... the patch seems to be really fine.
no regressions ... as it seems ... and many users are waiting for it.
there must be a way between it ... perhaps a voting system for urgency of patches?