Comment 43 for bug 441396

On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 9:58 PM, damores <email address hidden> wrote:
> [] we will have to wait for the backport in upstream and then for the SRU process to finish before we can load subtitles automatically in totem.

No need to hurry, this bug is just an inconvenience that can easily be
circumvented. However (and this is OT, sorry) I noticed in my system
(Jaunty & Karmic 64) that Totem is disturbed while playing downloaded
DVD files. Although the first half plays perfectly, the second messes
with the timer, and back and forth commands. Tested VLC with the same
files and it seems to work. Anyone could tell me if this is a bug (I
didn't find) or it's just my system? Thanks.

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