Comment 198 for bug 441941

Michael Völker (volmi) wrote :

I ran into this damn issue on a corporate PC that has Windows 7 Enterprise with Novell ZENworks installed on one partition.

I would like to thank Tabsc a lot for giving a hint to the solution (#193)! However, I did not edit the registry directly but disabled the ZENworks ISD service. Also, it was not sufficient to disable autostart but I had to disable the service explicitly.

I took two steps that seem to be stable after a few reboots and logins now and I share them here. Probably, only the 2nd one is required, but I just share what I did.

Step 0, maybe unnecessary:
Disable "Novell ZENworks ISD Service" using msconfig.exe:
Windows Start Menu → enter "msconfig" → go to the "Services" tab and deactivate. Result:

Step 1:
Really disable "Novell ZENworks ISD Service" using services.msc:
Windows Start Menu → enter "services.msc" → deactivate "Novell ZENworks ISD Service". Result:

At first, I only took step 0, because Tabsc was referring to auto start. Indeed I could reboot successfully at first, but the ZISD was seemingly triggered by another service later, so it stopped working, again. Step 1 seems to be a permanent solution... *fingers crossed*

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