Comment 119 for bug 441941

pippom77 (pippo-nauta) wrote :

I have a new Dell Studio 1558: the problem persists.

I installed Lynx beta 1 and very very very often Windows works on the MBR corrupting Grub2 files (maybe the OS thinks that Grub2 is something like a rootkit).
Someone refers that by recurring to the downgrade to Grub-Legacy the problem won't occur any more.

Having read a lot of posts in a lot of Forums, I think I can state that the problem regards most of new Dell laptops.

I think that if a previous version (Grub legacy) solves the problem, it would be useful to modify the structure of
Grub2 in order to gain again the compatibility with Windows. Sure, the problem regards the way the Microsoft OS treats Grub2, but in my opinion it would be a pity not to try to fix this drawback, in view of the fact that with Grub-legacy all works fine: it would by difficult for a new-future Linux addicted to fall in love with Ubuntu if one of the first step after installation is re-write the MBR...

I think that the idea of Miro Hadzhiev, filing a new bug for Lucid, is great!