Comment 110 for bug 441941

kaspin (kaspin) wrote :

I have an ASUSEEE with WinXP SP3 installed on the 4GB SSD, and Ubuntu on an SDHC card (8GB or 16GB - results are the same). With Grub1 (eg Ubuntu 8.40) boot time is 1 minute 45 seconds, with Grub2 (Ubuntu 9.10 - last updated today) the boot time is 4 minutes 30 seconds, whether I choose WinXP or Ubuntu! The strange thing is, that if I use the USB-Installer-for-Ubuntu.exe found on to install Ubuntu in persistent mode on an SDHC card, the boot time goes down to 2 minutes 20 seconds. Just to complete the picture, my ASUSA6000 has a 60GB HDD which contains the same WinXP and Ubuntu 9.10 installations, boots in under 1 minute.
The obvious conclusion is that Grub2 can't handle dual booting if that involves separate disk drives. I have been on another forum trying to solve this without success, and saw somewhere that an update to Grub2 had been issued on 18th January which may fix the issue.....
I've already spent many many, hours trying to resolve the problem, but as a computer semi-illiterate, without success. Is there a solution?