Comment 8 for bug 370505

Roland Orre (roland-orre) wrote :

So, now I've been struggling with LDAP too long. This gosa obviously doesn't work.
Is LDAP really completely unusable?
What administration tool should one use for LDAP really?
I'm in urgent need of a network authentification system, but nowhere I'm able to find
any kind of doc saying simply what to do.
The doc at
wasn't really helpful as it stays at too low level.

It would be great if one could get hints about how to administrate the system already at the installation (e.g. in synapse), and how come that this gose system is not even possible to run?
OK, it's from universe so one shouldn't expect it to be tested.
Sorry if my comments were out of subject, but nowhere I can find a simple doc saying what simple network authentification system to use, and how to sync the info with shadow and passwd, and here I see that one month has passed, without further comments on how to fix the problem to make gose runnable.