Comment 12 for bug 280715

James Westby (james-w) wrote :


Thanks for working on this. It looks pretty good, but I have a couple
of questions/comments.

  * You based your work on your 0.31-3ubuntu1~ppa1 PPA package, so
     the changelog has changed a bit too much from what was in Intrepid.
     I can fix this up when sponsoring though.

  * The config migration code just looks for the presence of the old config
     dir and tries to rename it. In the case where a homedir is shared between
     hardy and Intrepid, this migrate the user the first time they run Intrepid.
     Then when they go back to hardy they will lose their settings, but if they
     create the dir again, the next time they go back to Intrepid it will try and
     rename again, and fail. I assume this won't crash the app? Will it just
     give a warning, or nothing?

  * You state in the title of the bug that this has the bluez 4.x patch, but it
     seems that patch is already in the Inrepid version, is that correct?