Comment 9 for bug 1721412

Egmont Koblinger (egmont-gmail) wrote :

This is an incremental patch, goes on top of "vte 0.50.2 revert pcre2"!

Forthcoming vte-0.52 / gnome-terminal-3.28 is a piece of cake compared to the pain of 0.50.

The patch for 0.50.2 applies cleanly to 0.51.3, except for the part that patches which is gone. Instead there's a new test app which I've patched more or less to compile and run. It gives warnings about the multiline flag, I don't understand the story here, but it totally doesn't matter since Ubuntu doesn't ship this test app.

There are two failing hunks for gnome-terminal 3.27.4 but they're so trivial that I don't even post a patch (only one of them needs to be applied, the other one seems to be gone).