Comment 3 for bug 1721412

Jeremy Bicha (jbicha) wrote :

Egmont, thanks for your comments.

1. To get 3.26 into Ubuntu 17.10, you would need to convert this bug into a Feature Freeze exception and have that exception approved by the Ubuntu Release Team. I'm not on the Release Team so I don't know whether it will be approved.

2. Basically I ran out of time.

3. I am not going to upload a GNOME development .1 release from very early in the release cycle into Ubuntu. (For one thing, my experience is that GNOME developers feel free to change features well after the GNOME Freeze if they never released a .90 yet.) A suitable tarball was not released until September 8 which is over 2 weeks late for Ubuntu Feature Freeze. So yes, it would definitely have helped if vte had followed GNOME's release cycle.

4. More specifically, this cycle I used .5 releases to start working on packaging, but .90 releases are really important because of how GNOME and Ubuntu's release cycles fit together. So far, I haven't devoted the time to work on packaging earlier GNOME snapshots.

5. If you can fix 17718909, please submit a patch and subscribe ubuntu-sponsors. Thanks.