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Bug #1371854: users-admin: group name limited to 16 characters Undecided New 48 weeks

From: Christopher A. Chavez
Link: max_group_name_32_chars.patch

Increase maximum group name length to 32 characters

Bug #661272: changing user password causes hang in users-admin Medium Confirmed 137 weeks

From: rogue-spectre
Link: run-passwd.c.patch

patch for src/users/run-passwd.c

Bug #48262: [users-admin] users & groups: should have some mention than a session restart is required to apply a group change Wishlist Triaged 448 weeks

From: Xiegai Shan
Link: 0001-modified-src-users-callbacks.c.patch

Prompt message that reboot is needed and give the user the options to restart

Bug #435935: Support Upstart Undecided Triaged 453 weeks

From: Milan Bouchet-Valat
Link: gnome-system-tools_2.29.91-0ubuntu3.debdiff


Bug #27171: [network-admin] non-ASCII WLAN SSID breaks network-admin Low Triaged 674 weeks

From: Tormod Volden

fixes scanning for drop-down menu of networks

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