Comment 3 for bug 208057

Gabor Kelemen (kelemeng) wrote :

Ok, after some investigation:
-localizing these is not possible with the X-Gettext-Domain-Ubuntu= trick. That does not care about anything not under [Desktop Entry] and not having one of the Name, Comment, GenericName keys.
-the above means we would have to merge translations back with intltool-merge.
-the above means packagers have to export the translations before packaging :)

Besides those, it's reletively easy, rename profiles to, mark the name key for translation, add
[type: gettext/ini]debian/profiles
to, export translations and run
LC_ALL=C /usr/bin/intltool-merge -d -u -c ./po/.intltool-merge-cache ./po debian/ debian/profiles
 while packaging. Brr.

Or, we could change the code and make it a bit more dinamical, not expecting translated names in the profiles file, but translating them on the fly. This would make the translation export unnecessary and the intltool-merge symbolic.