Comment 0 for bug 1880031

riu (stanray) wrote :

This was discovered when investigating fox for bug 1868529.

Aspect ratio is still not correct for images that are more narrow than the container. To reproduce, create an image that has aspect ratio, e.g., ~0.5 (e.g. width = 250 and height = 500).

Line in fileItem.js where we calculate icon width does not count the margins (zero is used instead of actual margins):

let iconWidth = Prefs.getDesiredWidth(scaleFactor, 0);

Here is how the margins are being calculated in desktopGrid.js:

        this._extra_width = themeNode.get_margin(St.Side.LEFT) +
                             themeNode.get_margin(St.Side.RIGHT) +
                             themeNode.get_border_width(St.Side.LEFT) +
                             themeNode.get_border_width(St.Side.RIGHT) +
        this._extra_height = themeNode.get_margin(St.Side.TOP) +
                             themeNode.get_margin(St.Side.BOTTOM) +
                             themeNode.get_border_width(St.Side.TOP) +
                             themeNode.get_border_width(St.Side.BOTTOM) +