Comment 16 for bug 1786344

Ping-Wu (wliauh) wrote :

Tested 0923 daily built. When booted under the "简体中文" (simplified Chinese) locale, "汉语“ (Chinese) was shown as the default input method, but still cannot input Chinese.

There is no option to select "智能拼音" (ibus-libpinyin) when I clicked on 汉语。

To use 智能拼音,I needed to go to "其它“ (Others)then made the selection. This is very weird to say the least.

However, I think 18.10 looks bright. When this problem is getting solved, I suggest that, as a default, we check all the dictionaries in the ibus-libpinyin "dictionary option" ("字典“)。 Many decision makers (in China at least) determine which Linux distro is better by how fast they can type. Turning on the dictionaries makes a whole world difference.