Comment 10 for bug 1786344

I checked out the 2018-08-27 ISO, and made these observations:

1. When entering a Chinese live session, the Intelligent Pinyin input
   source (default for Simplified Chinese) is not included in the list
   of input sources. Only the cn XKB layout is.

2. In Region & Language the Intelligent Pinyin method is not shown in
   the Chinese sub menu, even if the zh_CN.UTF-8 locale is active, but
   you need to continue to "Other" to find it.

I also found that the problem is not specific to Chinese, but also affects e.g. Japanese.

Item 2 is probably a gnome-control-center issue, while item 1 is probably due to some other package.

So yes, Ping-Wu, I can basically confirm your observations.

Question: Have you also tried a Chinese install? If you have, are the same issues present at first login?