Comment 81 for bug 1251281

On Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 06:04:55PM -0000, martin lantz wrote:
>I have NX version 3.5 installed on a Ubuntu 14.04 server. I have just
>install the relevant version of the packages discussed above.
>I can login successfully running the following command
>"/etc/X11/Xsession mate-session"
>But when I login using "/usr/bin/gnome-session --session=gnome-flashback
>--disable-acceleration-check" the desktop appears but there is no menu
>and no unity launcher.

Unity does not work under NX 3.5. These changes do not address that.

You should be seeing the classic GNOME desktop with panels on top and
bottom. I've just tested the same gnome-session command you mentioned
under x2goserver (based on NX 3.5) and it works.

Please double-check the versions of the relevant packages:
- gnome-session-bin 3.9.90-0ubuntu12.1
- libgnome-desktop-3-7 3.8.4-0ubuntu3.1

If you still have problems, please log into your NX with just "xterm" as
the command (or "gnome-terminal"), run your gnome-session command in
that terminal, and pastebin the output somewhere.