Comment 14 for bug 1251281

Hi @Ryan,

Thanks for advice.
Unfortunately, fixing only gnome-session won't fix gnome-flashback.

Actually I've already fixed it in my PPA (ppa:eugenesan/ppa).
Among the changes are:
1. Migration from metacity to xfwm4.
2. Backporting and tweaking of: gnome-desktop3, gnome-panel, gnome-session, indicator-appmenu, ubuntu-themes.
3. Introduction of optional but highly recommended: gnome-wndow-applets, cardapio and gnome-flashback-desktop.

debdiffs and new packages are available in my PPA.
However, due to the nature and the amount of changes, we need maintainers of Ubuntu-UX and/or gnome-flashback(panel) to step in.

In mean time, anyone interested in "unity-2d" like environment for light/virtualized/NX/X/VNC desktop environments, can add my PPA and install gnome-flashback-desktop.