Comment 106 for bug 1251281

On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 5:26 PM, Reinier Post <email address hidden>

> Christopher M. Penalver, the reported problem was that using remote
> desktop to connect to an Ubuntu 14.04 with a gnome-session doesn't work.

Which session do you try to use?

It is now May 31, 2016, it *still* doesn't work. That's why I'm here.
> The problem description was since changed and a fix was developed for a
> later Ubuntu release.
> While that is great, it does not fix the original problem. The original
> problem won't have been fixed until a backport for 14.04 is available. Now
> you say people reporting the original problem should do so in a separate
> bug report. I'm happy do do that but I think it will be closed as a
> duplicate.

There is new LTS release - 16.04, have you tried to use it?