Comment 9 for bug 195095

Hi - first timer, so forgive my ignorance -- should this be marked as a copy of 199088? I guess this bug (195095) was reported first (assuming the numbers get bigger and not smaller...), but it seems that 199088 has a lot more activity and logs reported. Being so new here, I wasn't comfortable marking the change, but maybe someone with a bit more experience?

In any case, if you happened to find this bug, and would like to see a related (if not the same) one, go here:

ALSO, on the subject of the AWFUL screeching sound you get when waking up the computer -- it's due to this little guy right here: /usr/share/gnome-power-manager/gpm-suspend-failure.wav

It's interesting that the other "warning" sounds there are barely noticable clicks, boops and bips, but this one will knock your teeth out -- and usually in the MORNING of all times. But hey, at least I'm awake now.

In 199088 there's mention of how to disable sounds for failure situations, but I think a better solution might be to just replace that wav file with something a little more tame.