Comment 4 for bug 163678

Guido Conaldi (guido-conaldi) wrote :

I am reopening it as it is still and issue for me on a dell m1330 (both with ubuntu 8.04 x64 up-to-date and intrepid live alpha 3) with intel integrated graphics. Actually, the all brightness management is a bit broken, but here I report only about the issue when dimming on battery power:

1. brightness_reduced is on and brightness_battery set to 80.
2. Unplug the laptop
3. First time the brightness is dimmed by around 70%
3. Plug it in again and unplug
4. Brightness is now totally dimmed

Changing the brightness_battery value does not seem to make a difference.
All this is done after having blacklisted the video module. Otherwise since hardy brightness levels cannot be controlled properly on dell m1330.

I attach the requested log.