Comment 3 for bug 876679

On 18/10/2011 05:49, Julien Lavergne wrote:
> @hyperair Thanks for the help on this. I don't know how do you want to
> address this issue in Oneiric, but 1.0.4-2 seems to move to pulseaudio which
> we want to avoid on Lubuntu. I'll test an update, and I can do the SRU if you
> want (the gnome-power-manager fix may also be suitable for the SRU).

No problem. I wasn't actually sure whether the gnome-power-manager fix was
suitable for the SRU, so I skipped it -- I haven't noticed any issues with my
screensaver coming on while playing videos, so I didn't think it was necessary
as an SRU, but if you can find a test case for it, sure, why not?

I've attached a debdiff of what I've already uploaded to -proposed so you can
build upon it if you're going to do the g-p-m SRU.

Kind regards,
Loong Jin