Comment 24 for bug 324700

AquaQuieta (aqua-quieta) wrote :

Well, I ran into this on my Fedora install....and of course my Lucid install suffers from the same fault. Sound themes are great, but only if you can build them easily. I'm glad to see that others share my opinion. Komputes is right on the money...the only thing I would add to his first suggestion is that a ~/.sound_themes type directory would be nice as well, so a user could install a sound theme without root privs.

As for the second part, well, I needed an excuse to learn some GTK programming, and this annoyed me so much that I decided to write a little program to create XDG sound themes. So....

I just released earXDG-0.0.2 It's a GTK+ program written in C++ for editing XDG sound themes. All FOSS-ified for your consuming pleasure (read GPL). It's not perfect, but I have used it to create several themes on both Ubuntu 10.04
and Fedora 12.

Unfortunately, there is no .DEB yet, so if you want it, you'll have to build it from source. If someone who is more knowledgeable about creating deb packages wants to give it it a go to help out the non-programmers, just let me know.
You can pick it up at:
Be sure to read the README, BUGS, and TODO files to be aware of current issues, and if you find a bug not mentioned in the BUGS file, please drop me line.

Anyway, I hope that helps somebody out...I'm off to edit my 'Trek' theme.....enjoy!