Comment 54 for bug 124440

#53: *My surprised face* :)

Lack of this setting now plagues especially Chrome/Chromium, since earlier this year a command-line switch to set a custom scrolling speed was removed from Chrome (it was experimental in the first place), so now there is no simple workaround for Chrome (I guess Firefox still has one in the about:config page). I find the default scrolling speed so uselessly slow on websites that I just really rather use PgUp/Down.

Seeing how the mouse & touchpad settings only just got (13.04, altough of course Gnome is responsible for this) options *removed* in the name of "streamlining" or whatever, somehow it just doesn't feel likely that there would ever be a GUI-setting for this even if it was already possible. It's this sort of things that answers the question "is Linux/Ubuntu ready for mainstream".