Comment 49 for bug 124440

@G9283 (b8732)

Yes, that's how bug reports work, when no one is interested in them, they are left to rot, in a non-public company bugs are fixed based on how heavily they impact to users and what those users are trying to do with it, if they don't impact the program heavily enough, they don't get fixed, which is basically the same thing here, except we have the freedom to contribute a fix to a bug that affects us.

@seb128 "could people stop arguing about bug settings, adding a new option is defined as "wishlist" it doesn't mean it will not be worked on or that it's a low priority"

Actually that is the definition of wishlist:

"a list of desired but often realistically unobtainable items"

So what is the point of a bug being on a wishlist? It's saying 'this bug is desired to be fixed, but unlikely to be', it is low priority and bugs that take 6 years to even be looked at generally are low priority, so I'm not arguing, I'm stating a fact.

@Paul Somebody

"in this OS mistakes and shortcomings are always rectified quickly"

This isn't something that should be advocated, issues can be rectified quickly but I wouldn't say 'always', in fact if we go back to before Ubuntu was based on Unity and was based on Gnome, issues were almost never rectified quickly.

Anyway lets all hold hands and pray to zeus the 100 paper cuts team can fix this issue. Good luck team :-)