Comment 0 for bug 1035261

Didier Roche (didrocks) wrote :

Porting compiz and so unity to gsettings has a lot of consequences:
- compiz with gsettings support: INPROGRESS
- unity with gconf -> gsettings patches: INPROGRESS
- gnome-control-center:
 * should be ported in both the keyboard part by reverting the gsettings revert patch: READY
 * in the unity background configuration panels to support gsettings: READY
 * in the display configuration panels to support gsettings: READY
- gnome-settings-daemon to drop the gsettings revert patch:
- metacity should be updated to >> 2.34.2 (gsettings integration, shared with compiz) -> this forces us to drop a lot of patches to make unity-2d running:
- consequently, dropping unity-2d because of metacity patches won't be ported, and unity-2d isn't maintained to port from gconf to gsettings:. Removal from the archive:
- lightdm to transition people from unity-2d to unity-3d session: READY
- unity-greeter to drop hardware detection capability for nux: READY
- gnome-session to drop the unity-2d session: READY
- release-upgrader in precise to detect if the card can't run unity-3d, and if so, show a warning to tell to stay on the LTS: READY

People forcing the upgrade or installing on a machine without hardware acceleration will then use unity with llvmpipe.