Comment 5 for bug 885118

Till Kamppeter (till-kamppeter) wrote :

Can everyone who has this problem please attach the following for the printer and for a job where the problem occurs:

1. The PPD file of the printer: /etc/cups/ppd/<print queue name>.ppd
2. Original file which you tried to print
3. error_log as described in "CUPS error_log" on
4. Captured print job as described in "Capturing print job data" on

Do not compress or package together the attachments. It is no problem to post several comments to get all the files attached.

Please tell also how/with which application you printed the file.

Attach the above set of files for each printer with which you have the problem.

Tell also whether you have other printers on which the problem does not occur. Tell us make, model, and driver, and attach the PPD file of each of these printers: /etc/cups/ppd/<print queue name>.ppd