Comment 4 for bug 885118

On 11/18/2011 03:05 AM, Peter Adolphs wrote:
> There might be several issues here:
> 1) The Printer Setting tool in Ubuntu 11.10 doesn't show most printer
> configuration options. The only configuration which the Printer Setting
> tool exposes to me seems to be the list of allowed users. I cannot
> configure the availability of a duplex unit, the installed paper trays,
> paper sizes, etc, using this tool.
> My workaround is to set all these options for your printer using the
> CUPS web interface (http://localhost:631/).
> 2) The Gnome print dialogs seem to ignore the duplex setting, even if
> the printer is configured to have a duplex unit. I have added two HP
> laser printers and they are configured to have a duplex unit, which I
> checked with the CUPS web interface. The Gnome print dialogs show the
> duplex options but changing the setting has no effect. Note that the
> duplex setting in the print dialog of Libre Writer is respected for me.
> So it really seems to be a Gnome print dialog bug.
> My workaround is to set the printers options to always print in duplex
> mode via the CUPS web interface, since this is what I usually want.
> @dejot& Andreas Stöckel: Can you check whether your printer is
> configured to have a duplexer using the CUPS web interface? Do my other
> observations also hold for your setup?
Thank you for your input on this problem. It is evident that you are a
more sophisticated user than I. Following receipt of your note I went to
the Ubuntu installation menu and installed "printers" as well as the
printing that was already installed. I got there by searching for
'cups'. Once installed it did nothing to improve the duplex problem.

I may be missing something due to my lack of understanding. I do not
know how to check the system further. When I click on print in the file
menu there is clearly an option to do duplex printing but it does not
work. Again, any helpful input will be appreciated---I'll try anything
that fixes the problem but the problem should not be present at all!