Comment 11 for bug 238293

Graham White (graham-dcs) wrote :

Similar problems here. I have Hardy, with an Epson Stylus Photo R2400, and I have mixed
success in printing to it. It seems to me that the difficulty is something to do with
file size and/or complexity: consequently, the printer options which commit more or less resources
(colour precision, print quality, resolution, and so on) affect whether it will print or not.

Furthermore, images which contain large bitmaps seem to behave systematically worse than
those which don't. (This has the effect that it generally behaves well when it's printing
a test page). The worst that I have found this is when printing A4 images with bitmaps from
 Scribus, when it will not print at any resolution over 360 dpi (this is, by the way, a 2400 dpi printer, so 360 dpi is basically useless).

There are two failure modes: one of them is for pstoraster to crash immediately on signal 11. The other is for pstoraster to successfully call gs, and for gs to then spend as much time as I have any patience for
(4 hours, in some cases) consuming 100% of CPU but without any trace of output.

This may be related to Bugs 157044 and 159389, both of which seem to be about slowness, and
CPU use, at this stage of printing.

I will, of course, be glad to send any logs or other supporting evidence, if you folks could tell
me what to send. It has taken me a lot of experimentation to find this out.