Comment 0 for bug 246969

Binary package hint: gdm

In Intrepid alpha1, using a standard setup in VMware server 1.0.6 (which I will attach), Intrepid fails to login after I enter in the correct username and password. Specificially gdmgreeter, as far as I can tell, gets stuck in an endless loop.

Proof: I went to tty1, ran 'top' went back to tty7, logged in, quickly switched to tty1 where top and the whole computer froze. My host (Ubuntu 8.04) had a process (vmware-vmx) running at 50% with a dual-core processor for an infinite amount of time. At this time, Intrepid was unresponsive.

I'm attaching the VMware .vmx file while my next file will be the 'top' screenshot showing where the guest froze.