Comment 13 for bug 577545

Garry Leach (garry-leach) wrote :

I also get this message since I moved to 10.04, 6 weeks ago.

I did mention it in another bug (#580755: login screen locks up), which covers problems of more concern to me. However, I am the only subscriber, so I am not getting much (any?) attention.

Since I am able to boot up (although by a messy process), I have stopped worrying about exit status 256, but I would be happy to be able to resolve it.

I have checked the permissions on the various folders mentioned above, but they are all correct.

I am also subscribed to bug #554172, which seems to cover a range of problems associated with upstart; I wonder whether #577545 could be affected by upstart...

I would be willing to do some tests or whatever, but I don't have enough skill to know what to do.

Regards, Garry.