Comment 29 for bug 1574079

Okay, so quite a few different issues here.

* If the audio card doesn't work when fwupd is removed and there is no fwupd process running then it's not a fwupd issue.

* Does everybody who has to replug also have an entry for the soundcard in `dfu-tool list`? If so, please paste the output.

* If you have a fwupd at 100% CPU saturating one core can you please attach gdb to the process (as root), break and get a backtrace please.

* If you get a critical warning from fwuod when running, can you run fwupd as root with `sudo G_DEBUG=fatal-warnings gdb fwupd --verbose` and then grab a backtrace when it breaks.

* The only thing that seems to be common is that all these USB sound cards are expensive :) If all of these things sounds complicated, is there a cheaper version of the devices that reproduces the problem, or is anyone willing to send me an unused device for a week or so for debugging? I run regression tests on a lot of devices before each release and so if there's a cheap device available it would be a good thing to add.