Comment 3 for bug 651782

komputes (komputes) wrote :

Hi Justin, nothing interesting in xorg logs because this is not an xorg issue.

running "sudo startx" gets me to gnome as the root user, when what I wish to have is gdm.

I can login and run "sudo service gdm start" which gets me to gdm, leaving an open shell available in vt1. However this bug is about a regression where the "Resume normal boot" option in the recovery menu should get you to gdm directly (without logging in and/or typing a command).

You did not mention if you are able to reproduce this bug. Please try the following:

1) Open a terminal and type "sudo telinit 1". Can you describe what you see.

2) Restart your computer in recovery mode (accessible through pressing shift at boot), select "root shell" and run the command "sudo telinit 2". Do you see the GDM login window?