Comment 10 for bug 291075

scrad (ray-sinclair) wrote :

>>> The fix for this problem would just to install libtool,
>>> if you prefer using vhdl instead of verilog...

Just to say that I tried running a VHDL simulation in qucs
(that simulates OK with Verilog netlist format) returning:

    creating netlist... done.
    running C++ conversion... done.
    compiling functions... done.
    compiling main... done.
    linking...libtool: link: unable to infer tagged configuration

    error: libtool: link: specify a tag with `--tag'

    ubuntu 8.10
    qucs 0.0.14-1
    freehdl 0.0.6-2
    libtool 2.2.4-0ubuntu4
    patched gvhdl with gvhdl.diff and checked that /usr/bin/gvhdl has:
              my $libtool_options = "--mode=link --tag=CXX";