Comment 1 for bug 860882

Michael Hope (michaelh1) wrote :

Thank you for the bug report. I've confirmed this with gcc-linaro-4.6-2011.09-1 on ARM:

michaelh@leo2:~/linaro/packages/flint-1.011$ /tools/toolchains/arch/armv7l/gcc-linaro-4.6-2011.09-armv7l-natty-cbuild181-ursa4-cortexa9r1/bin/gcc -fPIC -std=c99 -g -O1 -c ZmodF.i
/tmp/cc9K1v0U.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/cc9K1v0U.s:2087: Error: selected processor does not support Thumb mode `rsc ip,r2,r2'

The assembler is correct - the rsc instruction is only available in ARM mode.

The fault is caused by the inline assembly in longlong.h. It should be updated for Thumb-2 or disabled.