Comment 3 for bug 225165

Tristan (tristan-ley-laposte) wrote :

I noticed another strange artefact with flash-rendering. When I go on the site, for example, menus are hidden by flash content. But I was first annoyed surfing this site :

   1. open (a hardware site I often read) and open Ubuntu's System Monitor ;
   2. open several tabs (use the "news" tab - or actualit├ęs in French -, right on the page) ;
   3. just watch graphs.

Note that switching from one tab to another may cause some graphical artefacts to occur. More precisely, it seems the Flash content appears first, preventing HTML to be rendered for a while. It also seems that some Flash contents are more concerned by this issue than others (like some AMD adds).

With more tabs, it becomes very hard to scroll down with the mouse's wheel ! Flashblock became also quickly a good friend of mine ;-) ...

Anyway, I remember I observed similar behavior of a Gentoo system, installed on the laptop of a friend (same model as mine). He ran Firefox 2. So it is possible that this bug is not exclusively related to Ubuntu, but rather to Firefox or the flashplugin-nonfree package. Or the way they are compiled for Ubuntu...