Comment 10 for bug 215692

On Sat, Jun 07, 2008 at 04:16:51PM -0000, Mike Rooney wrote:
> Hi John, Alexander. I think I have added enough information in the
> description. Please re-read it and try following those steps, noting the
> crucial aspect is that the location bar is NOT visible when you hit
> Ctrl+T. It probably isn't proper to mark my own bug as Confirmed from
> Incomplete, so please do so if you agree that is enough information. I
> just duplicated this on a fresh install with no extensions.

 status confirmed

lets go upstream ...

 affects firefox
 status incomplete

OK, thanks. could you try to find this in and if
you dont find it open a new bug with the step by step instructions?

Let us know about the bug id.

Please try to choose a reasonable component when filing bug in
bugzilla as otherwise it will stay unseen. If you have questions ask
on #ubuntu-mozillateam.

 - Alexander