Comment 0 for bug 215692

Binary package hint: firefox-3.0

When you open a new tab in firefox, the address bar is typically focused so you can type the address you want, hit enter, and the page is loaded. However stating with Firefox 3 this doesn't happen in fullscreen mode so that you have to exit out of fullscreen, type the address, and go back to fullscreen.

In Firefox 2 this wasn't necessary. In fullscreen, you could hit Ctrl+T to open a new tab, type the address (even though you couldn't see the address bar, it was still focused and accepting characters), hit enter, and the page loaded.

For smaller screened laptops this is especially useful, where browsing is done entirely in fullscreen. And in general it is just annoying to have to toggle the fullscreen to type an address.

I imagine this is an easy fix. I don't know where the focus currently goes when creating a new tab in fullscreen, but it just needs to go to the address bar, like it did in FF2 and like it does now in FF3 when not in fullscreen.