Comment 11 for bug 663526

vlc: Version: 1.1.11-2build1
xserver-xorg: Version: 1:7.6+7ubuntu6
xserver-xorg-video-ati: Version: 1:6.14.99~git20110811.g93fc084-0ubuntu1
compiz: Version: 1:
unity: Version: 4.10.2-0ubuntu2

I'm having this same problem with up-to-date Oneiric. I'm using Ati 5770 GPU with FLOSS drivers so I'm pretty sure it's not a FGLRX problem per se.

abc@xyz:~$ grep -i R600 /var/log/Xorg.0.log
[ 30522.986] (II) RADEON(0): [DRI2] DRI driver: r600

X crashes with any other "Open..." option than "Open file..." - mainly with network stream. It happens only with Unity and Ambiance. If I change the theme to Radiance and try open network stream, VLC (and basically Unity) hangs and I have to killall vlc to get response from desktop.

With other window decorations and gnome-shell I can open Open network stream window without crash but the window does not have any options and the window is too wide for my 1920x1080 desktop. I'll add a screenshot later on.

When running KDE all "Open..." options work just fine. No crashes and because of KDE, no Compiz crashes. With this information this is probably a problem in GTK/Compiz/ drivers. Not easy to say. Very irritating and one more reason to use KDE.