Comment 10 for bug 1068404

Gareth, regarding your comments :
>"Sorry about that. Saw the previous email and thought I was helping out."

No problem. :)

>"I am having the exact same issue as this bug reports..."

One would not want to assume this. Xorg issues can be hardware dependent. For example, similar backtraces on different hardware, but different root causes. Hence, this report is only focusing on Marco Vauno's xorg backtrace and hardware vendor ID until a developer notes otherwise. As well, the link is from the Ubuntu X Team's (maintainers of fglrx-installer) official debugging page. So, if you do not want to follow their directions which advise you what to do, as requested of you in , then your issue may not get addressed.

>"so creating a new bug would be duplicitous."

See above.

Thank you for your understanding.