Comment 21 for bug 1032672

madbiologist (me-again) wrote :

@consolation - Radeon dynpm (dynamic) power mangement is not working on some cards. Try profile-based power management instead and use the mid or low profile. See

@lunarok - if you have a Radeon HD 6000 series card or earlier you can enable HDMI audio by adding "" to your GRUB boot options. (HDMI audio on ATI Radeon cards/chips was disabled by default by the upstream kernel developers as it causes blank screens on a lot of systems).

In addition to this, support for Radeon HD 6000 series HDMI audio (other than the HD 6900 series) was only added in the upstream 3.5 kernel. The kernel in Quantal is based on the 3.5 kernel, and possibly will end up based on the 3.6 kernel.

I hope AMD release an fglrx update that is compatible with the new ABI soon.