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André Klitzing (misery) wrote :

Thanks for report! But no more "me too" and "please do it" posts, please. Everyone knows the huge interest in ati's AIGLX support. It would only make this bug-report unreadable. :-)

By the way... there is a bug for amd64 in the new version.

For those with Ubuntu 64-bit problems, below is a link to the updated Ubuntu packaging scripts done by Aric Cyr, which will be found in fglrx 8.43 (along with other updates I imagine). It fixes the 64-bit problem.

Extract it to /etc/ati/custom-package and then with the 8.42 package run --buildpkg custom-package/7.10 (or 7.04 for Feisty)


I've posted about this on the Ubuntu forums.
Basically, though, you can unpack the installer into another directory by doing:
./ --extract name-of-directory
then extract the other archive that Michael linked to into the same directory (choosing to replace files)
then, Cd into that directory and type

sudo ./ 8.42.3 --install
(or ./ 8.42.3 --buildpkg Ubuntu/gusty
if you're following the Ubuntu wiki HOWTO)