Comment 2 for bug 457106

this is a shortened version of the file, which is 1Gb
Anyway, he crash happenend at the very beginning (after 1 min or so)

I can't upload it. I've done:

 dd if=Noticies_prova.mpeg of=Noticies_prova_sm
aller.mpeg bs=1024 count=1000
1000+0 registres llegits
1000+0 registres escrits
1024000 octets (1,0 MB) copiats, 0,10412 s, 9,8 MB/s

but the file seems to be empty to lauchpad, and in loca, totem complains that "it's not possible tp determine the flux type" (translated from my local language)
Using the big mpeg file, totem attempts to look for a codec for private dvb-t streams, but anyways, it displays the video...

Don't know how to provide more details...