Comment 15 for bug 589204

DavidW617 (davidw617) wrote :

This bug is extremely annoying to me. It should be an easy change as the panels already have scroll bars. The panels just need to have a much smaller minimal height.

A workaround for this bug is to ensure that the window is not maximized (Alt+F10) and then hold in Alt, click and drag the window up to see the content at the bottom.

The Calendar section of Evolution also explodes larger than my monitor. For those of you have not experienced this, I'm going to try to explain how annoying it is. My evolution window is sitting on Workspace 5 and it is maximized. If I happen to click on the Calendar, the window grows by about 80 pixels. Now if I happen to try and click on something the whole window jumps higher about 80 pixels making me miss what I tried to click on. I try to click again and the window will jump down the 80 pixels to where it started. It is impossible to even click on the Minimize, Restore and Maximize buttons. I have been in this scenario so often that I know to hit Alt+F10 and drag the window around before attempting to click on any items. When the window is not maximized, then this jumping around behaviour doesn't happen.

I would like to add that after click on the Calendar button, the entire program stays too large for my screen even after clicking back to Mail and the program needs to be shut down and restarted before it can be used properly.

Again, this should be an easy fix and Evolution should not ship with Ubuntu Netbook Remix if it does not fit on a netbook screen.