Comment 5 for bug 981248

Heya, first off, thanks for this contribution to the LTS, it's much

As it happens, Ubuntu Precise has now progressed into Final Freeze.
Right now changes to the distro are limited to just ultra-critical
release bugs that the release team has flagged as priorities. Most
other bugs, including this one, need to now be handled as Stable
Release Updates (SRUs) or left until the next release (Q-series) opens
for development.

For reference, here is the SRU Policy Doc:

I've looked at your patch and think it may qualify as an SRU, but
there's a bit extra paperwork, which helps establish the justification
for the change and makes the change easier for reviewers. Would you
mind helping by filling in some blanks?

I've pasted in the standard SRU template into the bug description.
Click the yellow pencil icon to the right of 'Bug Description', and fill
in the empty sections.

Also, while the patch itself looks ok, there are a few changes necessary
to target it as an SRU:

 1. In the changelog entry, target the upload to 'precise-proposed'
    rather than just 'precise'.

 2. The version number should increment by a point rather than a full
    number. Examples:

     Currently in precise Proposed for precise-proposed
     foobar-1.2-1 ---> foobar-1.2-1ubuntu0.1
     foobar-1.2-1ubuntu2 ---> foobar-1.2-1ubuntu2.1
     foobar-1.2~dfsg.1-1 ---> foobar-1.2~dfsg.1-1ubuntu0.1
     foobar-1.2-1ubuntu1.5 ---> foobar-1.2-1ubuntu1.6

 3. Make certain the correct bug # is listed in the changelog entry
    description, in this format: (LP: #123456)

 4. Doublecheck the maintainer is set to Ubuntu. Easy to do, just run
    `update-maintainer` and it'll fix it.

Finally, doublecheck that the patch has been forwarded upstream (as
appropriate), and that it's included in the version that will be in
Ubuntu Q-series.