Comment 10 for bug 981248

On 28/04/2012 09:21, Mattthew Russell wrote:
> I do mean scrolling with the touchpad, in my case edge scrolling, over
> the default GTK scrollbar. I haven't tried it with the overlay
> scrollbar.
> The result of edge scrolling over the GTK scrollbar in evince is that
> the document smoothly scrolls, whereas edge scrolling a few pixels to
> the left over the document makes the document scroll in larger jumps.

Ah, that. The scrollbar belongs to the GtkScrolledWindow widget which is what
implements the whole smooth scrolling bits. The problem is that the document
view which resides inside the GtkScrolledWindow isn't accepting (and forwarding)
the smooth scrolling events required for smooth scrolling to work.

Kind regards,
Loong Jin