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Bug #941463: No way to set empathy to automatically start on login Low Confirmed 540 weeks

From: noname2
Link: empathy.desktop

proper desktop file

Bug #546881: protocol icons (particularly Facebook) obscure status icon too much Low Triaged 631 weeks

From: SWOriginal
Link: im-facebook.png

16x16px icon remade + shifted to the left

Bug #393138: contact list oddities with xmonad Low Triaged 635 weeks

From: Rodney Lorrimar
Link: empathy-2.30.2-ubuntu-bug393138.patch


Bug #504405: Ctrl-Tab should jump to the next tab Wishlist Triaged 642 weeks

From: Jirka Daněk
Link: bugfix#621402-1.txt

Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Tab key_press_event handler PATCH

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