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Bug #1757030: Lite-On DS8A1H Slimline fails to record dual layer DVD+R Undecided New 222 weeks

From: Thomas Schmitt
Link: dvd+rw-tools-scsi-log.patch

This patch enables SCSI logging to stderr in dvd+rw-tools

Bug #1077491: btcflash.8: "\" instead of "\\" in the manual Undecided New 502 weeks

From: Bjarnig Ingi Gislason
Link: btcflash.8.diff


Bug #518120: dvd+rw-tools and custom layer break not working Undecided New 625 weeks

From: Stuart R Balfour
Link: dvdrw-tools-7.1-layerbreaksetup.patch

patch from

Bug #307477: DVDRAM GSA-T50L will not write DVD's or CD's Undecided New 662 weeks

From: level0
Link: T50L.rar


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